Lennon Legend - The Very Best of John Lennon DVD



A brand new transfer, taken from a first-generation 35mm inter-negative of the original 16mm Imagine film negative. Restored and remastered for the very first time in a stunning new digital transfer. Directed by John & Yoko, this was originally filmed on 22 July 1971, and is now seen with its full original intro sequence.

"Instant Karma!"

  1. John & The Plastic Ono Band, filmed for BBC 1's "Top of the Pops" on 11 February 1970.

  2. This version has never before been commercially released. It is a longer audio version than the original single version, containing extra choruses at the end.


  1. A brand new video featuring a journey through emotive stills from John's life. This is the full album version of the song; the CD compilation contains only the single edit.

"Jealous Guy"

  1. A new video taken from footage of John recording "Jealous Guy" in the studio at Tittenhurst Park Studios in June 1971, and the "Jealous Guy" driving and rowing sequences (filmed on 21 July 1971) used in John & Yoko's "Imagine" film.

"Power to the People"

  1. An extended version of John & Yoko's original video, including John & Yoko on the Oz march protests on 11 August 1971.

"Cold Turkey"

  1. A new video, taken from 16mm film performance footage of John & ‘The Plastic Ono Elephant's Memory Band’ live onstage in New York in Madison Square Garden on 30 August 1972, and John & Yoko leaving Marylebone Magistrates’ Court in London after his November 1968 cannabis conviction. It also features an excerpt from John's short film "Freedom".


  1. A new video, featuring footage of John and Yoko from 26 November 1980 at the Sperone Gallery in New York and from the beach at South Beach, Staten Island, New York in 1971.

"Mind Games"

  1. A new video. On 15 November 1974 a BBC film crew, directed by John, spent a day with him around Central Park and various other locations in New York, to make a video for "Whatever Gets You Through The Night". The video was never broadcast, but a small amount of the footage emerged as a very short edit for “#9 Dream” in February 1975. We unearthed all the original camera film reels from the day, which were very aged and damaged from decay and scratching, cleaned them up, and discovered incredibly charismatic footage of John, obviously greatly enjoying himself on a sunny day out.

"Whatever Gets You Thru the Night"

  1. A restored and extended version of the original John Kanemaker animation video, based on John's drawings and sketches.

"9 Dream"

  1. A new video, made from the films "Smile" and "Two Virgins" (August 1968) and footage shot for the "Imagine" film in 1971.

"Stand By Me"

  1. A new video, featuring John's performance, filmed at The Hit Factory in New York on 18 March 1975 (subsequently licensed to the BBC's “Old Grey Whistle Test”), and footage of John & Yoko together, most of it previously unseen.

  2. This is a longer version of the original album version, with the end fade-out removed.

"(Just Like) Starting Over"

  1. A new video, by legendary director Joe Pytka (who made The Beatles’ "Free As A Bird" video), made in 2000.


  1. A restored version of Yoko's original video from January 1981, featuring a brand new digital transfer of footage of John and Yoko walking in Central Park on 26 November 1980.

"Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)"

  1. A new video capturing the feeling of a relaxed day at John & Yoko's mansion in Coldspring Harbour, Long Island, filmed on 20 April 1980.

"Watching the Wheels"

  1. A new video, featuring unique home movie holiday footage of John and Sean in the Cayman Islands, Florida, Japan and New York, much previously unseen.

"Nobody Told Me"

  1. A new video, edited from newly transferred footage and out-takes from John & Yoko's "Imagine" film and other previously unseen footage. It also features George Harrison, Dick Cavett, and Fred Astaire!

  2. This version is longer than the original album version.

"Borrowed Time"

  1. A new video, edited from a wide variety of never-before-seen excerpts and out-takes from deep within the Lennon film archives from 1968–1980."

  2. This is a slightly longer version than the album version.

"Working Class Hero"

  1. A new video, directed by Simon Hilton, filmed in Liverpool. at John's childhood school, Dovedale Primary, at Strawberry Fields, and John's childhood home, Mendips, recently acquired by Yoko and donated to the National Trust.

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"

  1. War is over if you want it. A new video that speaks for itself.

"Give Peace a Chance"

  1. A new video, featuring the original “Bed-In” recording of "GPAC" from May 1969, plus additional protest footage from the era, including John & Yoko appearing at the National Peace Rally in Bryant Park, New York on 22 April 1972. It concludes with the hundreds of thousands who gathered in Liverpool, London and New York for vigils on 14 December 1980, singing "GPAC".


Extra features


"Working Class Hero (Anthology Version)"

  • A video made for the "Anthology" version of "WCH" that acts as a short documentary of John's life, narrated by him.

"Slippin' & Slidin'"

  • John's performance was filmed at The Hit Factory in New York on 18 March 1975 (subsequently licensed to the BBC's “Old Grey Whistle Test”).

"Imagine (live)"

  • Filmed at the "Salute to Lew Grade" concert on 18 April 1975. This was John's last live performance.

"Hair Peace"

  • A little something we uncovered in the archives.

"Everybody Had A Hard Year"




A Tribute to John Lennon DVD


-Elton John – Imagine

-Natalie Cole – Ticket to Ride

-Wet Wet Wet – I Feel Fine

-Lou Gramm – Eight Days a Week

-Terence Trent D’Abby - You’re Got to Hide your Love Away

-Paul McCartney - PS. I LOVE YOU LOVE ME DO

-Billy Joel - Back in the USSR

-Randy Travis - Nowhere Man

-Joe Cocker- Isolation

-Lenny Kravitz - Cold Turkey

-Dave Edmunds - Ballad Of John & Yoko

-Hall& Oates- Don’t Let Me Down

-Al Green- Power to the People

-Michael Jackson- Come together

-Cyndi Lauper – Working Class Hero

-David Bowie -Fame

-John Lennon - Give peace a Chance Imagine

-Ringo Starr- I call your name

-With Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh & Jim Keltner

-U2- Help ! (Approx 2mins)

-Kylie Minogue- Help!

-Roy Orbison- Help! (Approx 1 min)

-Ray Charles – Let it be

-Sean Ono Lennon : Dear Prudence

-Hosted by : Michael Douglas

-Special Thanks to : Yoko Ono Lennon




John Lennon - POP2 (1972) DVD


Pop2 - 8 january 1972

-Attica State


-Give Peace A Chance

Pop2 - 22 january 1972


-Cold Turkey

Total run time: 00:32:30




John Lennon - Power to the people DVD


01. Power To The People

02. Gimme Some Truth

03. Woman

04. Instant Karma! (We all shine on)

05. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

06. Cold Turkey

07. Jealous Guy

08. #9 Dream

09. (Just Like) Starting Over

10. Mind Games

11. Watching The Wheels

12. Stand By Me

13. Imagine

14. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

15. Give Peace A Chance




John Lennon - Live in New York city DVD


1. Power To The People

2. New York City

3. It's So Hard

4. Woman is The Nigger Of The World

5. Sisters O Sisters

6. Well Well Well

7. Instant Karma!

8. Mother

9. Born In A Prison

10.Come Together


12.Cold Turkey

13.Hound Dog

14.Give Peace A Chance




John Lennon - Gimme some truth, The Making of Imagine DVD


In the summer 1971 , John & Yoko went into the studio at their estate in Tittenhurst Park, England and recorded the album Imagine.

These sessions form the core,heart and soul of Gimme Some Truth.

Produced and directed by Andrew Solt . Very good sound & images.




John Lennon - Imagine (2 DVDs)


Disc 1

John Lennon trivia track


Disc 2

1. Tribute to John Lennon: The Man, The Music, The Memories with Filmmakers David L. Wolper, Andrew Solt, Sam Egan, Editors Bert Lovitt and Bud Friedgen

2. Never Before Released Performance of Imagine by John Lennon on acoustic guitar at the Apollo Theatre, New York City, 17th December 1971

3. Never Before Seen Island House Footage at the Lake House Home of John and Yoko, Tittenhurst Estate in Ascot, England

4. John Lennon: Truth Be Told - BBC Radio Interview With John and Yoko

5. Interview with William Ernest Pobjoy, Head Master of John Lennon's Grammar School

6. Trailer


Running Time 116 Minutes + extras




John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band DVD


1 -Introduction

2 -The Plastic Ono Band               

3 -Give Peace A Chance

4 -Cold Turkey  

5 -Instant Karma             

6 -Mother          

7 -Hold On         

8 -Isolation        

9 -I Found Out   

10 -Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band             

11 -Love             

12 -Working Class Hero

13 -God              

Bonus Material

14 -Remember Remember          

15 -Working Klaus Hero               

16 -Well Well Well          

17 -Well Well Well Hidden Praise             

18 -Class Divide               

19 -Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band             

20 -God Is Alive And Living In The Eiffel Tower    

21 -Mother (Live At Madison Square Garden)       

22 -Instant Karma (Top Of The Pops Orignal Version)




John Lennon & Yoko Ono - The Art Films (2 DVDs)



1. Bottoms (1966) 82:00

2. Two Virgins (1968) 19:40         

3. Erection (1971) 18:00               

4. Rape (1969) 78:40      


1. Freedom (1970) 2:00

2. Smile (1968) 51:30     

3. Apotheosis (1969) 18:40          

4. Fly (1970) 25:02          

5. Up Your Legs Forever (1970) 69:50






The John Lennon Video Collection DVD


01: "Give Peace a Chance" - the rumpled bed with John and Yoko, and friends like "acid guru" Timothy Leary, Hare Krishna folks, and the unlikely appearance of Petula Clark amid the mayhem.

02: "Cold Turkey" - about John's attempt at kicking the heroin habit.

03: "Instant Karma" - lipsynched at the "Top of the Pops" TV program (a U.K. version of "American Bandstand"), while a blindfolded Yoko is doing some sort of performance with flashcards.

04: "Power to the People" - includes images from the Tiananmen Square uprising, which seems very out of place, since it happened 9 years after Lennon's death.

05: "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" - features some cute kids singing.

06: "Mind Games"

07: "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" - features some clever animation.

08: "No. 9 Dream"

09: "Stand by Me" (Ben E. King) - a recording studio performance of the wonderful Ben E. King number.

10: "Slippin' and Slidin'" (Penniman, Bocage, Collins, Smith) - rock & rollin' with some terrific musicians.

11: "Imagine" - John's best known song as a solo artist.

12: "(Just Like) Starting Over"

13: "Woman"

14: "Nobody Told Me" - features cameos by Jack Palance and talk show host Dick Cavett.

15: "Borrowed Time"

16: "I'm Steppin' Out"

17: "Jealous Guy" - has some clips of the early Beatles days.

18: "Grow Old With Me"

19: "Imagine" (live)




U.S. vs. John Lennon DVD


THE US VS. JOHN LENNON is a riveting documentary that shows how the judicial and immigration system works in the United States. John Lennon was placed under the microscope by President Nixon and the US FBI during the early 1970s because he posed as a threat to Nixon's political campaign, and an intense influence on the youth of America as a result of his music and iconoclastic image. Bottom line, the film focuses on Lennon's activism as well as the controversial and gray aspects of the meaning of activism and dissent.

Director David Leaf interweaves Lennon's music within the documentary with a collage of images of the mop-top Beatle to the bearded-hippie shouting for world peace from an Amsterdam hotel room alongside the press and fellow peers. The core participants and leaders of the late 1960s and early 1970s are presented in the film, such as John Sinclair, Angela Davis, J. Edgar Hoover, President Richard M. Nixon, and various writers and journalists who reported about Lennon. The interesting aspect are the recent interviews of those political activists who attempted to make a mark on society. Within Leaf's documentary is the past, but the political atmosphere of the present appears to parallel or bear similarities to the past.

THE US VS. JOHN LENNON is entertaining. In light of serious events that occurred in Lennon's life, he tend to press on. There are funny moments in the film as well as serious ones. But the film also presents the chilling aspects of the system of government, and the powers that be.

Lennon may have been one the last influential figures of the 1960s who spoke and sang a thousand words to a generation that just wanted to be listened and understood, and politics did not stop him from creating his love of music for all to hear.

This film is highly recommended for all Lennon fans as well as those who would like to understand the relationship between politics and music.